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Cheery Cherry Blossoms ~ Toronto Family Photographer

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I have been promising myself I would start blogging... for years!! I just never seem to have those few quiet minutes to sit down and write a little. I do however have a lot of photographs. I usually love so many from my sessions and I want to share, so rather than swamp my Facebook page I know I need to try to blog on a regular basis. With that said be patient with me as I try to get on track. Hopefully this won't end up like all those diaries I picked up and wrote in for a few months. So for my first post I wanted to share some of this very fun family session that I did a few weeks ago. We had planned to do a Cherry Blossom session last year but we ran out of time and the blossoms, which don't last long, got away from us. In the end we missed the main full bloom in High Park this year as well but I managed to find a special spot with extra late blooming trees and we had this super fun session. I love when grandparents come alone and in the end I think we got a great mix of family portraits and fun kids being themselves shots.

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Toronto Newborn Photographer

Photography By Dawn