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Toronto Newborn Photographer ~ All about the eye contact!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Getting great eye contact from a newborn is always amazing!! And those newborn smiling photographs are the best.

But then they sleep and I love sleeping newborns! I think Moms and Dads do as well!

We all love cute little animal stuffies and when they are newborn size and have a matching hat! I melt! I have lots of super cute newborn props like this adorable little giraffe hat and cuddly giraffe to match.

This little newborn princess was rocking her photo shoot at the studio and again with those eyes!!!

I was so in love with this family and these family photographs. I love how this precious newborn girl

was watching me while I was doing the family portion of the photo shoot.

Looking at Mama, so cute!

Oh my heart!!

It's a lot of work looking this cute!

These two may be my favourites! Hugged by Mom ...

And hugged by Dad.

"Hi Daddy"

So pretty! Surrounded by flowers

"You lookin' at me?"

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Toronto Newborn Photographer

Photography By Dawn