• Dawn


Updated: Apr 16

I don't need to tell any of you how strange and stressful life is right now living with the Covid 19 pandemic affecting the world. I am so sorry for all those families who have and will loose loved ones, so grateful for those healthcare, front line and essential workers going above and beyond for us all right now. About two months ago things seemed pretty normal, I was planning Valentines treats for my twins to take to school, shooting newborn sessions, trying to decide where to go for my eldest daughter 21st birthday and lots of other things. I had obviously heard of Covid 19 but I really don't think I knew how much it would affect us here in Toronto, maybe I knew but didn't want to really admit it. I had already made plans to do additional cleaning and sterilizing at the studio and extra checks to make sure clients didn't visit if anyone had a fever etc... I somehow thought it was going to be OK. Then a month ago I had planned to be closed over March break anyway to spend time with family and remembered saying I think they should maybe close the schools for an extra two weeks after. I had gone for a weekly grocery shop and thought I would grab a few extra things to cover March break (it was perfect timing) because the very same day they announced the schools would close and that night the lines grew super long as everyone stocked up. Even then it was hard to imagine just how different life was going to get within a few weeks. So that was it I closed down my studio not knowing if or when I can reopen... Jury is still out on that! Here we are on April 15th and everything has changed. I have lost all of my business income and I don't know if I will loose my studio and have to give up the business I have fought so hard to build over the years. I am proud though of how Canadians have been working together to try to get through this. While it is difficult, I never take for granted how lucky we are to live where we do. Of course it isn't easy for any of us and it is so terrible knowing there are families loosing loved ones, but it it gives me hope to see so much good in our community as they come together to support one and other. In my life outside photography when not spending time with my family, I try to help support my local community in little ways. I run a bunch of local Facebook groups. I love the connections, I find in a big city like Toronto with people coming from lots of different places, that making connections with others is so important. I actually started a free share group about 12 years ago on Yahoo (before Facebook groups were really a big thing) and by the time Yahoo decided to shut the platform down I think I had about 15,000 members in total. Now I try to help my local community connect on Facebook, a big part is to support local businesses as they are part of the backbone of a thriving area. Now more than ever I want to put time into keeping my groups going as I love seeing the real life connections of people supporting one and other. Keep it up! Whether you are near or far, reach out, lend a hand, say something nice to someone, make sure no one feels alone. We may be apart but we are all in this together.

Stay home, Be safe, Be healthy,

From my home to yours ❤️

My babies, from back when going out seemed simple and we took it all for granted


Toronto Newborn Photographer

Photography By Dawn