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I am so lucky ❤️ I know it seems strange to say that right now but it's true.

There are lots of reasons why this is true, first and foremost of course is because I have 4 amazing children ❤️ but one of the other things that I am grateful for it to be part of an amazing supportive group of women and men who share my love of photography. Most businesses have to try to be competitive but I believe you gain so much out of being supportive of others who are in the same field. That is very true for professional photographers as well but when it comes down to it I see a lot more support and kindness in my business than anything else. Sure there will always be some businesses who are only out for themselves but in the group of photographers that I am lucky to be part of that is the exception not the rule. I have made so many amazing photographer friends, it would probably surprise some to know that some of my best friends are also probably my biggest competitors. I never think like that though. You don't need to step on someone and put down to get ahead. We should all work to lift each other up. The goal is that we all should make it. My favourite gif *shared below) shows a woman standing, reaching down and lifting someone up from below. Then that person boosts her up and then they reach down and pull the next person up and so on. In the end we get so much more out of helping each other than we could ever get from going it alone. My photography community share props, give each others advice, tips and training, we have coffee, lunches dates and meetups, take part in workshops, take each others family photos, cover for each other when we are tied up or sick, send referrals, share jokes and laughter and are always around when we need a shoulder to cry on. So here we are today. We have all closed our doors.

I am sad thinking of my little studio full of all the items I spent so much time sourcing to make the perfect set ups. Many of us don't know what the future will hold for our little businesses. Will we make it through? I know like myself we all have put our heart and souls into creating beautiful images for our clients so they can have their special moments captured. It's not just a job for us. It's our art. We miss meeting families who are just staring out or adding a new baby brother or sister.

We miss the honour we feel to be a part of these important times in peoples lives.

We miss snuggling with our tiny newborn clients and trying to put together the perfect image that will make the new parents smile and that I know will be passed down and shown to future generations some day. I feel what we do is important. I know it means a lot to the families I work with but in the end we know that this is a time when we need to stay home until we beat this thing! We are so thankful that we can stay home safe because of all those amazing people who are out there every day risking their health to make sure we are all OK. We are so thankful for all the healthcare workers, front line and essential workers who are working so hard. Thank you! ❤️ Thank you! Anyhow I wanted to share this little labour of love that I put together with the help of a few of my amazing and talented photographer friends so we could send you all a little message. So say hello to some of your Toronto, GTA & surrounding Ontario area maternity, newborn and family photographers! We all miss the tiny fingers and toes, your smiles & laughter, we miss creating our art for you and our own families are fed up posing for us! So we can't wait to be open for business again soon xo

❤️ Thank you and much love to all my wonderful and talented photographer friends ❤️

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